The Foxrock Slate: 2020/21

Our slate for the 2020/21 sees an exciting mixture of new media, television and short film with heart, focusing on women in the spotlight, and sustainability as the vision.

We will be updating our page soon with the news of our latest projects, and are excited to share our journey with you, as it unfolds.


Wilderness Fox

Follow the Green Fox

While we love making films here at Foxrock, we also love making changes wherever possible, to ensure that not only is our studio space as eco-conscious as possible, but that our film will be, too.

That is why we have started Greenfox, an initiative to ensure we strive to make our projects as sustainable and environmentally friendly as we can. 

You'll see our Greenfox posts appear more regularly in the coming months. And don't forget to follow #TeamGreenFox on the socials to see our latest green thoughts in film and media. 

Testimony: the short film with a big heart

Did you catch the screenings of Testimony on the ShortsHD channel, RTE (Ireland) or Aer Lingus long haul flights over the past year or so? 

If you missed out, don't worry - we will be sure to let you know, next time it is shown.

You can catch the trailer of our gorgeous short, written and directed by Kamila Dydyna, and co-produced with Reckoner Productions (Ireland), here:



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