Why green film matters

It may seem like a loaded question to ask "why does green film matter?" when we see so much in the press about the state of the environment; of the ozone, of global warming and other drastic damage we humans have caused the planet we call our home. But, it's a question that needs addressing, as we still need to be doing more, and doing it quickly.

I was watching the gripping BBC Blue Planet II, a show I love, not just for the stunning cinematography and wonderful storytelling of Sir David Attenborough, but because my home city of Bristol, UK, is the epicentre of such great nature documentary production, such as this. It fills me with pride, somehow.

I felt not only captivated by the imagery of the Blue Planet series, but so glad, if not relieved by their insistence on sharing images of what we, the human race, have done to this grand desert of blue: the plastics, the trash, the oil slicks, the over-fishing and the coral-bleaching; the devastation of sea beds and injury to wildlife. It's shocking, horrific, and deeply troubling.

I watched these extraordinary images with a heavy heart. I imagine we all have a basic grasp of what is happening to the planet, but to see it televised, and to know that each one of us has done our part to contribute to the tragedy of climate change - well, it's sobering. And enough truly is enough.

What is Green Film?

So, when we discuss 'green film' we could be talking about a variety of different things; from creating documentary that explores topics of an environmental nature, such as the "Into the Blue" behind the scenes section of Blue Planet, along with their #OurBluePlanet initiative; to film that is being made with a sustainable focus within its production setting, storyline or construction.

An example of how to embrace green film, from a production point of view could be where the crew includes a Head of Sustainability, or the script involves characters who love to garden, recycle or drive an electric vehicle around town. It's a wide subject with one thing in common: the good of our planet is at the heart of the film.

Green film, sustainable film, eco-friendly film, it all matters because it allows us to take action and responsibility for our behaviour and habits, in the tiny section of our world which we call home. If you're reading this now, you are most likely a film-maker, film-lover or someone who creates projects of a similar nature. But it's not exclusive to media. We are all still human, right? So, whatever tiny section of our world you inhabit; whatever has your heart and lights your passion; make sure it is ethical, responsible and does the best it can for our planet and our future upon it.

Solely Responsible, Together

When we take responsibility for what we do, what we create and how we live, we are able to see how one person, making even one change for a greener future, paves the way for others to follow. Our voices amplify and our actions combine; they can support, nurture and grow.


"We're all working together. That's the secret."

- Sam Walton


We are all working towards change, for the better. Doing what we can to make a healthier, earth-conscious film production is our way of contributing to something larger. We can set a standard for the future of storytelling and ensure it goes out into the imaginations of our audience. We can spread the word that: Our Earth Matters.

Foxrock Productions is still fairly new in the world of making film, but it is a company with values of equality, diversity and sustainability. Its little sister, Greenfox was created for the purpose of championing more ethical changes in how our films are made, and what messages we wish to bring about through these ambitions. Because we truly feel, that although we may be small, our voices in unison be mighty. And yours can be, too.

Now is the time, to make your project green, sustainable, ethical and diverse. But, that responsibility, is yours to take. What would you do, to make a difference to your next project? Join the discussion; tweet your thoughts to us using hashtag #TeamGreenFox