Greenfox: the idea that sparked a passion

...Or was it a passion that sparked an idea?

Greenfox, the little sister of Foxrock Productions, first came into formation in mid-2017, while exploring themes of sustainability and greening urban spaces for a film project. Foxrock Productions has always been a company driven by its support of women in media and ambitions for a more diverse film industry - but its eco-friendly trends were something of a silent starter, taking over in the background while no one was really looking - just doing.

It was through this doing that we quickly realised that our green themes extended past the lens, and took a firm root in our production office itself. From recycling, to using local sustainable energy; from providing refillable water bottles for crew, to walking (yes, walking!) as much as possible around the city, while we were on location scouts - we used public transport, if it was further afield, whenever possible.

We became green through a mixture of financial and social necessity, as well as through conscious decisions, the more we realised how our habits could truly make a difference to our environment.

And so, Foxrock's Greenfox was grown.

(We could've said born, but you know... this is far more fun!)

What is our mission, at Greenfox?

  • To create a more eco-conscious office, and to implement these changes on set or location, and at every step of the production process.

  • To spread our themes of sustainability into our projects - be they greener scripts, characters choosing bicycles over cars, or promoting and working with local talent wherever possible.

  • To work towards finding more ways to help spread the message that themes of sustainability and environmental causes are essential to the future of filmmaking and storytelling.

  • To learn, seed, grow and evolve, every step of the way - for the good of our planet and its inhabitants.

So, no mean feat, really. Yes, it will be a wonderful challenge. But it's a journey we are loving, and one which we can't wait for you to be a part of.

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